Saturday, August 7, 2010

Just Put Your Lips Together, and Blow...

What is sexy?  I saw a preview of a new show, Bad Girl's Club, on the Oxygen network (for some bizarre and inexplicable reason - isn't Oxygen supposed to be a network for women?  Started by Oprah?) and I thought, Good Lord,  are these girls sexy??  To me they seem the complete opposite of sexy.  So I started thinking about what is sexy.  Sexy is not about being totally obvious - that is something else.  Tina Chow was sexy when she was wearing a white tee and an old man's grey cardigan with red lips.  Millicent Rodgers was sexy in a bias cut Schiaparelli that covered her from neck to toe but clung to a svelte body just enough to tempt someone into thinking and desiring what may be under that thin layer of crepe and that fitted jacket.  I personally covet the dress and the jacket but that is just me - Schiaperelli/Millicent?  Um, I would choose Schiaperelli but Clark Gable chose Millicent.  'Nuff said.

This early 1980s Oscar de la Renta silk gown with softly colored brush strokes embroidered with beading is very sexy.  Very sexy a la Lauren Bacall in To Have and Have Not.  

The shoulders are strong and defined (but not too strong, not too padded - as Goldilocks said, just right).  The dress sits on the body without giving it all way.  The dress smolders.  So if you are feeling very smoldering and the complete opposite of Bad Girls Club (which I know all of our RARE vintage blog readers understand and get)  you will just put your lips together and blow or send us an email:)!
 Early 1980s Oscar de la Renta Silk Gown with embroidered beading.  Size 4/6.


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