Thursday, September 30, 2010

Follow the Leader: Pierre Cardin!

Pierre Cardin was known for his very, well, let's say thorough fashion shows.  They were very long.  In fact, they were so long one journalist said after a show, "I loved the first three hundred!".  At RARE we like to edit from that three hundred, not every design is brilliant and not every look is necessarily a good one.  Particularly with suits. 

I love suits but I don't love them all equally.  I don't love every Pierre Cardin suit but, of course,  for our clients, I have found some amazing and iconic Pierre Cardin pieces.  I love this late 1970s suit.  It is all in the details.  Futuristic scalloping with circular leather detail.  The jacket is cut close to the body and the skirt has a small seamed pleat that lines up with the jacket. There is a small slit in the skirt in the front.   It is sophisticated but young at the same time. 

Late 1970s black crepe Pierre Cardin suit with  leather detail.  Size 4/6.

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