Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Gods and Goddesses

Dominique Aurientis learned her craft at the haute couture house of Christian Dior.  It seems hard to imagine now but when Dominique Aurientis was beginning her career, designers were just starting to promote accessories.  Yves Saint Laurent opened his first free standing accessory store in 1991.  Now, it is hard to imagine an ad campaign where the handbag is not front and center.

So what do you need to know about Dominique Aurienetis' accessories?  That they were all hand made or that she sourced the very best materials available?  Or do you just need to know that these earrings and brooches in glass set in a gilt metal have the heads of Roman Gods on them and they will make you feel like a  Goddess?!  

These were extremely hard to photograph - sorry!  we did our best.  One earring has an amber colored glass and the other has an amethyst colored glass.  Each has a raised profile of a God.  Dominique was obviously looking towards Ancient Rome for inspiration.

The brooches:

1980s Dominique Aurientis earrings and brooches


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