Thursday, January 20, 2011

Places to Go, People to See, Cocktails to Drink: Galanos

Women who wore Galanos had very active social lives.  They had places to go, people to see and cocktails to drink.  Back in the day, money was no object and the ladies were uber glamorous.  James Galanos was a Los Angeles designer and though we think of a more casual life style in Los Angeles now, every girl from New York to Los Angeles to Paris and cities beyond, still loves a good night of dressing up.

When I first saw this gown, besides the little red winged hearts that popped and fluttered over my head, I thought OMG: sleeves!  I ♡ sleeves!  I started noticing awhile back that women shopping at RARE were beginning to look at dresses with actual sleeves.   The poor sleeve has been 'sleeve non gratis' for quite a long time and then slowly, surely, the fashionistas who flock to RARE, started looking for sleeves.  And what did  we see at the Golden Globes?  Not ye olde strapless gown but sleeves!   Cap sleeves, long sleeves, sleeves with poufed shoulders, sequined sleeves... anyway you get the picture. 

Galanos is famous for his beautifully crafted ready to wear that is really more couture then RTW.  He sourced his fabric in Italy and France.  This dotted tulle, velvet and taffeta evening dress with a thin, fine layer of tulle over a bare back has a knife pleated silk taffeta skirt covered in dotted velvet.  

It is dreamy, beautiful, shimmering, sexy and exciting from front to back, top to bottom.

Galanos black tulle and silk evening gown.  Size 4.


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