Saturday, January 22, 2011

RARE vintage Word of the Day: Petersham

Go to Bergdorf Goodman, look at dresses priced from $3,000 to $12,000 and try and find a single petersham.  

And what exactly is a petersham you may ask and why would you want to look for one.  Fit my darlings.  Those little details that cost couture clients thousands of dollars.  But once you have had that, you can't go back.  For example, have you ever worn a lovely light summer frock in silk on a beautiful day when a wonderful breeze comes up and whoosh! there goes over your dress up and over your undies (which hopefully you are wearing!)?  Well, couture clients never show their undies my darlings!  Except to their fitter that is.  And they do not, not show their undies because of modesty, it is because their hems are weighted. Natch!

So back to our word of the day.  Petersham.  It is that little interior belt which is found in many of our dresses at RARE vintage.  It is usually a grosgrain ribbon with a little hook and what is does is to secure the dress to your waist for an incredible fit.

Our petersham dress of the day is a 1960s Gigliola Curiel.  It is a black chiffon cocktail dress and not only does it have a petersham but it also has built in boning and it is incredible!  No one could do cocktail dresses like the Italians in the 1960s.  

The dress is in chiffon with ribbon detailing and a pleated skirt.  It just needs a Christian Louboutin Lucifer Spike Bow 120mm or the 45mm (still sexy!) Pump and you are Sixties Italian Siren!

Look at that fit!  And the pleated skirt:

1960s Gigliola Curiel Chiffon Cocktail Dress.  Size 4.


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