Friday, April 29, 2011

Getting Ready: The Met Gala: Part Two: The Dermatologist: Dr Dennis Gross

Okay.  I know what you are thinking: fillers and botox.  But no.  That is not my aesthetic.  I am not judging anyone here - and never say never but for the time being I am all about maintenance.  Due diligence.  (this is what Demi Moore told me.  Diligence.  Bloody hell. (sorry, I have been vicariously in London all day - but bloody hell - if Demi Moore tells you she looks the way she does because of diligence, you bloody well do due diligence!)  Though I confess to occasionally going to bed with my make up on.  Horrible I know.  I am deeply ashamed.  What would Demi say??

Don't even bring up all those summers of topless sunbathing in Sardinia with Clairins spray sun tan oil 15 SPF...  (if I knew now what I knew then...  Please pass the SPF  90...)

But back to Doctor Gross.  I see him for the V Beam.  It smoothes and reduces redness.  It is not inexpensive but it is wonderful and the results are immediate and there is no downtime.  There are so many products and procedures that promise smoother, plumper, line free skin but this actually works.  A little uncomfortable but it does not last long.  

Dr Gross also recommends: Joy.  Beauty on the inside refelects beauty on the outside.

I also recommend from Dr Gross:

the Extra Strength Alpha Beta Peel - not too invasive, no redness and renewed looking skin.  I have been using this for ages.  Great on hands and elbows too.

Powerful Sun Protection 45 - I admit to having had a real block about using a suntan lotion that could be used on the face AND on the body.  I have actually had separate suntan lotions for my eyes, my face, my decollete and my body.  It is exhausting.  But once you release your fear that one product could do it all - you discover that it can.  And it is liberating!  Just one lotion and you are done!  (Think how happy your boyfriend or husband will be to have some counter space when you go on holiday!)

and the Hydra-Pure Vitamin C Serum.  I love this specifically for my neck and sometimes under the eyes.  (You see I just can't give up on the idea of devoting a cream to each body part...)

And a whole lotta joy and happiness!

Doctor Dennis Gross.  105 East 37th Street.  212.725.0946

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