Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The 1960s Gucci Bag

I don't know about you but I change my bags often.  I kind of have a dream that I can buy one bag and it will go with everything but it never happens.  It is either too big, not big enough, the wrong color, the wrong shape... this is one of the reasons why I can find myself without my wallet or a favorite lipstick - it gets left in an old bag.  My heroine is a woman I know who keeps everything inside her purse in small colorful Prada nylon bags.  So when she changes her bag it is very tidy and she has everything.  That is another dream.  Someday I will be super organized...

This 1960s Gucci is not an everyday bag.  It requires a certain ensemble.  It doesn't have to be an elegant dress though it is obviously perfect for that too.  It is also perfect with what I like to call the 'Elle Macpherson taking her children to school in Notting Hill look' (bummer for all of the other Mums don't you think?)

Anyway, as I was writing, this 1960s Gucci bag is also perfect with a pair of skinny jeans, ballet flats and a tailored jacket.  Crisp and lady-like but not too lady-like.  

1960s shiny brown faux crocodile leather Gucci bag with golden hardware.


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