Saturday, September 24, 2011

OMG! This is What I Looked Like in 1987!

I have been home in my pajamas all day doing closet cleaning and I have found a stash of really great Prada shoes that I had completely forgotten about (woo hoo!), embroidery I had done from a class I had taken at FIT and these photos from 1985 which are too funny.  Okay, so let me set the scene:  The hair is huge!  We're talkin' Julia Roberts in Mystic Pizza huge.  

Julia Roberts circa 'huge hair' 1988

The dress is a tiny little thing I had bought at some amazing little store in the East Village long gone and that years later, I let a drag queen friend of mine borrow and I don't think she ever gave it back!  

Little doggie as a prop and you can see my undies and oh Lord is that cellulite?!

Hmmm... what is going on here with the trunk?!

and my sister, the glamorous gloved one!

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