Monday, September 26, 2011

Are You Stacking?

If you are not stacking you should be.  I am stacking today.  I've stacked a Cartier Love bracelet, a red cord bracelet with some sort of little gold blob (I have no idea what it is suppose to be) and my favorite vintage Rolex California watch.  Some people stack in the extreme and I wonder if it may be a good way to tone your arms my wearing 50 pounds of assorted bracelets and cuffs.  *Note to self: pile it on tomorrow and do lots of up and down arm movements.  

My stack:

You may not necessairly want to stack anything with this beautiful 1982 Ted Muehling cuff of oxidized bronze shaped like an Art Deco hoof that curves around the wrist.  Ted Muehling is very inspired by organic shapes derived from nature in his jewlery designs but this has a slightly punk feeling to it.  Sort of elegant punk - which may be the first time those two words have ever been put together!  Now the only question is, to stack or not too stack??

1982 Ted Muehling oxidized bronze art deco rounded hoof cuff


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