Sunday, September 11, 2011

What They Are Wearing...

New York is a glorious mix of styles so I thought it might be fun to start photographing great style when I see it and add it as a new feature to the RARE vintage blog.  I pounced on this couple when I was shoe shopping at Barneys this week; I loved the color of her red dress and the tangerine shawl she was carrying and that was before I even noticed his shoes.  But because I am new to this street-style photography thing I accidentally forgot to save the notes on my blackberry and I don't remember his name.  I promise to get better at this:)

What they are wearing... at Barneys

Inge is wearing vintage (and don't we love vintage!) Prada and shoes from Paris.  I forgot to ask about her shawl and the great glasses she was wearing which you don't see in the photo because I got very distracted by her husband's two different colored shoes!  He (of the name I forgot- so sorry) is wearing Etro.  I love Etro for men, its classic English style but in slightly twisted colors and patterns.  And I love the twist of the different colored shoes!  I also love that though they are dressed in very unique and distinct styles they do not look cartoony or like they are trying too hard - there is nothing less chic then looking like you are desperate for attention and wearing a costume.  Inge and her hubby are keeping it real!  Doesn't it look like they have fun getting dressed together?!

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