Friday, November 18, 2011

Vintage Trends: Big Bling is The Thing!

The Spring 2012 runways were covered in dangling chandeliers.  Mind you these are not the kind of chandeliers that hang from the ceiling but the ears.  Big shoulder dusting chandeliers.  And not only were ears accessorized with jumbo sized jewels but necks and wrists were also bejeweled with Flintstone sized rocks.

Claude Montana designed the haute couture for the house of Lanvin from 1990 to 1992.  The hat designer, Stephen Jones, said that the passion for Claude Montana and Thierry Mugler in those days was such a frenzy that crazed fashion people wielding knives would actually slash the tents to get in to see the shows.

Here at RARE vintage, although we are mad for fashion, we do not carry knives, clubs or any other assorted criminal paraphernalia.  It is an oasis of calm and vintage couture.  An oasis where that gorgeous bit of arm candy you see is not a mirage but a big, bold and delicate Claude Montana bracelet for the haute couture for Lanvin.  What I really love about this piece are the little flowers scatted amongst the rhinestones and that the bracelet is slightly deconstructed.  We like our lady like jewelry a little less precious, a little more precocious here at Rv.

Just in time for the holidays and only available at RARE vintage New York...


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