Monday, January 9, 2012

Addicted to LOVE

I LOVE this Saint Laurent dress on Carine Roitfeld (dress from RARE vintage :) AND don't you just love it with the boots - so perfect!

Since I have opened RARE vintage, I have come to realize that there were a lot of women in love with Yves Saint Laurent and how hard it is for them to part with their YSL.  

I could feel the love when I went to see a collection of YSL in New York recently. After all, only a woman who really loved Saint Laurent would take an extra bedroom and turn it into a walk in closet for her collection of Yves Saint Laurent.  (a woman after my own heart!)  And I mean Saint Laurent.  Period.  Nobody but YSL.  I have already posted two gowns from her collection.  Here are two more that are hard not to LOVE...

Like the lime and the plum gowns I recently posted, I guess she could not decide which one she loved more - so she bought them both!

1970s Yves Saint Laurent rive gauche crushed velvet wrap gowns available in black and red.  
Size 6.


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