Saturday, January 7, 2012

If Elizabeth Taylor Can Caftan Her Way through the 70s, Damn It! So Can We!!

Elizabeth Taylor caftaned her way through the 1970s in a variety of caftans some by Thea Porter.  I love a gorgeous flowy caftan-esque dress as much as any Dame.  Really if I could caftan my way through every day I would... 

Richard Burton when he saw Vicky Tiel (yes that Vicky Tiel) in a transparent, white lace, thigh high mini caftan  (how fab sounding is that?!) said, "What do we have here?  A nightgown?  We must have one for the missus."  So Vicky made Elizabeth's first mini white caftan encrusted with pearls.

Now Elizabeth and I are not alone in our love of a good caftan: Talitha Getty, Lee Radziwill, Daphne Guinness, Rachel Zoe and countless other uber stylish women have embraced the comfy cool of caftan chic.  As did Yves Saint Laurent.

Aren't these gowns the ultimate in caftan gorgeousness?!

1970s Yves Saint Laurent Caftan Gowns in Lime and Plum


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  1. awesome I put-off buying this for months,



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