Saturday, January 28, 2012

Bon Mots from New York on the Paris Couture Spring 2012 Shows

So the couture shows have come and gone.  I adored Giambattista Valli: transparent black lace, black alligator peplumed vests and Oscar worthy gowns, there is no doubt who is ordering these fabulously modern clothes (Charlotte Casiraghi of Monaco for one fabulously fine young girl)  - I know I placed my order on Valli's first couture collection and I plan on ordering a second dress...  

Valentino was wonderfully gorgeous and youthful - so pretty.  Who does not want to feel "giddily romantic" as Hamish Bowles said about those light as air, frothy confections?  I don't know if you follow Little Augury - but you should- she compared the Valentino collection  to William Paxton's painting Tea Leaves.  1,000 hours of handwork went into the elaborately smocked shamrock printed organza dress that opened the show.  So beautiful. 

I confess to be a little disappointed in Givenchy - the nose ring thing was distracting and unnecessary so too Alexis Mabille with the overblown flowers.  I think the clothes are finally starting to become more important then 'the show'.  

Isn't it refreshing that the beautiful Celine store which just opened in New York did it without the paid attendance of a celebrity and a DJ - it just opened and it is crowded and busy with girls and women who covet Phoebe Philo's real girl amazing chic.

Great couture does not come just from Paris but from New York too - just take a look at the crazy gorgeous Bill Blass dress we posted this morning. This is truly Bill Blass at his most amazing and most beautiful from the 1970s!  And it is from the garde robe of a woman who was given 1st dibs on the best of Blass from his studio post show.   Super couture, super amazing and there is more to come from New York!  You can follow us on twitter at @RareVintageNYC!  for the latest and the greatest.  Like more Blass, more vintage YSL and my upcoming trip to Paris - to see a private collection (and not one from the auction house Drouot - which is an amazing resource for vintage couture in Paris).

Bonne Nuit et bon mots!!

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