Monday, January 30, 2012

Kisses in Green Silk

For being so well known for his pant suits, Saint Laurent did an amazing dress: he wrapped them , ruffled them, did them in chiffon, lace, velvet and silk, some were transparent, some were feathered, some were printed with hearts, some with bunnies, some with kisses, some were flocked with flowers.  

Saint Laurent had a thing for the Forties Film Noir Babe.  Dangerous, sexy, beautiful.  A woman in a man's world and the man better beware.  That kind of woman was the YSL woman.

Photo by Guy Bourdin for Yves Saint Laurent rive gauche 

Some things never change.  Vintage YSL forever.  From our single owner Yves Saint Laurent rive gauche collection for all of you film noir babes...

Kisses in green silk (look closely there are little kisses on the dress).  Fitted waist.  Gently defined shoulders.  Total gorgeousness.

Yves Saint Laurent rive gauche lisses in green silk dress.  Size 6


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