Thursday, January 5, 2012

Fashion Will You Still Need Me, Will You Still Love Me When I'm 62? Part 3: Myth Busters

I really love this series on women over the average age of the models you see in the fashion magazines on our RARE vintage blog.  Because it gives us hope that: no, you do not have to forsake fashion or that fashion will not forsake you when you are over 30.  And that one day when we are a 'woman of a certain age' we can still look at magazines, go into the stores and get as obsessed and as excited as we are now by fashion.  You would think by looking at 99% of all magazines that women over 50 should not even get out of bed and bother dressing themselves at all - much less in something fashionable.  

So this, the third in our series Fashion Will You Still Need Me, Will You Still Love Me When I'm 62?  (Or 72) is:

The Myth Busters edition!

Myth Buster 1:  You have to cut your hair.  No sane woman over the age of, what 29?  should have long hair.  

Myth Busted!

Myth 2:  A woman of a certain age should not bear her arms. 

Myth busted!

You should not wear black.

Myth busted!

Women of a certain age should not wear anything too trendy.

Myth busted!

It is all about being true to your self and what works for you.

Franca Sozzani.  Editor in chief Vogue Italia

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  1. You know She is just so admirable. thanks for this series. pgt



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