Friday, February 17, 2012

Friday Favorites!

So you know when you are checking out the shows on and whoa! you see something and you have a total coup de foudre.   You become obsessed with getting it?  

Well, when I saw the panther glasses from Givenchy's Fall 2011 collection.  I knew I-had-to-have-them!  

I rushed out of RARE vintage and went across the street to Bergdorfs.  Hooray!  They had ordered them.  The glasses would be in early October.  Early October came and went.  Then late October.  Early November.  Late November... early December...  It was ridiculous.  Everytime I went into Bergdorfs I would check on the Givenchy sunglasses.

I got to know the Givenchy vendor and the lovely manager of the sunglasses department.  I am sure they got tired of the obsessed girl who kept stalking them about the sunglasses.   And then one grey day when I was lying about dejecteldly on my chaise lounge, consoling myself with a huge box of chocolates** from Jacques Torres, I got the call.  The Givenchy panther glasses were in!

They came in as sunglasses but I prefer them as they were shown on the runway as glasses so the panther really pops.  Now they are off to the opticians.  A pretty good future vintage purchase don't you think?!  Now if I can just get my hands on the Jil Sander hat with the veil form Spring 2012... Stay tuned!

**I wasn't really lying about on a chaise lounge eating an enormous box of chocolates.  I mean really!  What a silly thought!

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