Sunday, March 25, 2012

Made in Italy Part Two

Last time I was in Venice and I was briefly lost - you always end up lost at some point in Venice - though never very long: just when you think it is hopeless you realize: oh dar!  I was right behind Piazza San Marco the whole time!  Anyway on one of these 'lost wanderings' I happened upon a tiny little store, super chic, Chiarastella Cattana,  with the most beautiful textiles in the most beautiful colors.

So on my very short visit to Venice this time I went in to order bed linens.  Unfortunately, because I have a Weimaraner who is the size of a small pony and loves to sneak on the bed in the middle of the night, I could not order the linen and had to go with cotton.  But I am just as happy with the cotton and everything is done custom.  Chiarastella and I worked on the design together - I really would have preferred one of the more scrolling but simple designs which are so beautiful - classic and modern - but because of my little pony, it is not possible in cotton.   The textile is all made by hand on three-meter looms woven in the Veneto.

The one I could not quite have : (

Photo courtesy of Chiarastella Cattana

And I bought THE most beautiful kimono in a silk all done by hand!   I was a little nervous to ask the price on this beauty but it was only 250 euros so I quickly snapped it up.  Plus two lavender filled embroidered linen pillows.  Lavendar scented Heaven!

Chiarastella Cattana
San Marco 3357

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