Monday, March 26, 2012

This is What Happens When You run Into The Very Fabulous Anna Dello Russo

You leave Corso Como with an apple on your head.

On my way to Corso Como I bumped into the very fabulous Anna Dello Russo.  First I noticed the mesmerizing bright orange pony hair Celine slippers and then the big orange sherbet colored Celine bag, then the pale pink pants and then the green nail polish and I thought wait a minute, this is no mere fashionista, this is the legendary, Fear No Fashion Icon Anna Dello Russo with her dog, Cucciolina!

photo by Juliana Cairone for RARE vintage

I was obviously feeling very inspired as I left Corso Como with a tiny little hat with a beautiful nude colored little veil and a bright, shiny, red apple on top.  When am I going to wear it?   Don't ask but I know it will bring a smile and probably a few snickers (insert husband and my children snickering here - though actually think my daughter will adore it and she will probably wear it before I do!)  So thank you Anna Dello Russo for the fearless fashion inspiration!

My little chapeau is by Alessandra Zanaria. It is a unique piece and is Made In Italy (part three)!

Alessandra Zanaria
Viale Majno, 3

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