Saturday, June 2, 2012

Geoffrey Beene Has A Moment Via Ralph Rucci

Mr. Beene had a major fashion revival moment  recently via Stella McCartney and when I saw this beautiful Ralph Rucci dress, I thought to myself, well, Mr. Beene is having another fashion moment via Ralph Rucci.

Ralph Rucci dress available at , RARE vintage
The original.   Geoffrey Beene.

Photo by Jack Deutsch 1989

Photo by Andrew Eccles, 1986

Photo by William Laxton, 1995

Photo by Jack Deutsch, 1992
And our Ralph Rucci (which, by the way, I love).  I will admit, I do not always love Rucci.  I find some of it a bit aging.  But this dress is unbelievably beautiful, very couture, in a thick heavy silk with fine black mesh inserts.  I am sure you know that Ralph Rucci is the only other Amercian designer besides Mainbocher to be invited to show at the haute couture shows in Paris by the members of the Syndicale de la Haute Couture.

It is architectural, structural, feminine and very striking.  

Contemporary Ralph Rucci black silk dress with cutouts.  Size 2/4.


  1. Mainbocher was not an American. Ralph Rucci is the only American ever invited to show during Paris HC under his own name.

  2. Actually Mainbocher was American (born in Chicago).



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