Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Lanvin's Poor Little Rich Girl

What is a poor little rich girl to do?  

She can't have Marie Antoinette's single strand of forty four pearls with an opal cabochon surrounded by diamonds like Barbara Hutton once owned.

She can't have Catherine the Great's Romanov emerald necklace that Barbara Hutton bought from Cartier, occasionally wore as a tiara and gifted to her seventh husband, Prince Pierre Raymond Doan.

And why not you might ask?  Why can't you have Catherine the Great's emeralds or Marie Antoinette's pearls?  Because honey you really is poor and while you might be rich in imagination, no amount of imagination is going to get you any of those lovelies.

But Alber Elbaz to the rescue!  So if you imagine yourself bedecked in beautiful baubles, if you have champagne tastes on a Budweiser budget (okay not really quite Budweiser, and not really Heineken either...) you can buy yourself a piece from the Barbara collection by Lanvin.

Green rhinestone (emeralds dearie) and metal "Barbara" choker and blue rhinestone and metal "Barbara" bracelet:

and to fool all your friends a red rhinestone (that's right, rubies) and metal Barbara necklace and red rhinestone "Barbara" earrings:

Coming for Fall 2012!

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