Monday, August 20, 2012

Coco's Pearls. Pearls of Wisdom. Part Two.

More pearls of wisdom from Coco Chanel.  (Translation below)

Only truth has no limits.

Disgust is often the rear guard of pleasure and, often, the avant grade.

"Good Taste" ruins some of the spirit's real values: like plain taste for example.

There is a moment when you can not touch an opus any more: it's when its at its worst.

One may be lead to cheat for an excess of delicacy.

Fashion is a Queen and sometimes a slave.

Your face is a mirror reflecting the ongoings of inner life: take good care of it.

Because it's a given that eyes are the soul's mirror, why not admit that the mouth could be the heart's interpreter.

The only beautiful eyes are those watching us tenderly.

The ear's delicacy is not always related to the hearts.

Through "coquetry" even women's course of time stops.

There are gestures of love and tenderness which originate only in devotion.

Our houses are our prisons; let's find our freedom in the way we decorate them.

One can get use to ugliness, never to neglect.

It is typical of a weak spirit to boast about qualities that only chance can dispense.

from a 1930s Vogue or Bazaar.  Sorry can not remember which one.  Will update when I know.

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