Monday, August 20, 2012

Coco's Pearls. Pearls of Wisdom.

Happy Birthday Coco!  Pearls of wisdom from Coco Chanel... (translation below)

Women can give everything with a smile and with a tear take it all back.

Fashion is always a reflection of the time, but is forgotten if it is silly.

To disguise oneself is charming; to be disguised is sad.

Feigning to be naive makes you look more stupid then confessing your ignorance.

Vanity is a spiritual conquest over the senses.

Lucky finds are made to be lost.

Kindness is love; generosity, a form of passion.

Nature gives you your face of twenty years; life models your face of thirty; but that of fifty years is the face you deserve.

True generosity is accepting ingratitude.

If you were born wingless don't do anything to forbid them to grow.

Ornament, what a science!  Beauty, what a weapon!  Modesty, what elegance!

Avaricious wealth, pretentious ostentation, sordid liberality are the surest weapons for good fortune's suicide.

They may love you in spite of your great shortcomings, but hate you for real qualities and virtues.

You can only open those barriers you have created.

Failed innovation is painful, reconstitution is sinister.

For a woman cheating has only one sense: exactly that of the senses.


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