Thursday, August 16, 2012

MTV House of Style: The Cindy Crawford Years

MTV has recently released a sort of greatest hits of House of Style hosted by Cindy Crawford.  They are a treasure trove of vintage 1990s fashion and culture.

Here are a few of my favorites:

MTV's House of Style Season 1.  Episode 10: Helmut Newton and Cindy Crawford in Monte Carlo.

Some great quotes in this one.  "This is an old classical image of blindfolded orchestra which use to play in a room separee and elegant people use to have private elegant orgies." Helmut Newton

Great Jean Paul Gaultier video with some iconic pieces like the cone dress.  Episode 2.

Some really AMAZING Gianni Versace fashion in Episode.  "Versace has his feet firmly planted in traditionalism but every now and then he brings about an air of theatricality so if you feel like being a bit bold, his clothes bridge that gap."  Sylvester Stallone.  (I know!  Too, too funny!)

The fabulous Linda Evangelista being, well, fabulous...  Episode 12.

Veronica Webb on some of the biggest bad asses in French fashion.  Karl looking very different.  And Naomi on how hard it is being a Supermodel, "You work until 2AM, then you have to get up at 7AM to go to work again.  And you have to look good." Episode 12.

Girl talk with Naomi, Linda and Kristen McMenamy.  Look at how high those thongs and jeans are!  And, who knew, Naomi loves flea market shopping!  And has "zits"!  Episode 18.

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