Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Fits Like a Glove: Comme des Garcons

I never think of fashion as something frivolous.  I am a firm believer that fashion is an art form.  Truly great fashion is imagined by designers and crafted by a dwindling number of artisans skilled in techniques which the two haute couture seasons save from being lost to obscurity.  Without the haute couture employing these men and women (the petites mains), we would only see the magic that can be created by needle and thread in the costume collections of museums.

But having said that, I do love a bit of fashion frivolité. 

"I'm tired of mundane, everyday fashion.  I want something that takes us to another world." Rei Kawakubo on her fall 2007 Comme des Garcons collection. 

Why a padded glove holding the hips of a long, narrow skirt?  Why not.  Fashion is not just an art form, it's fun too!  This could be the motto for RARE vintage!

fall 2007 Comme des Garcons "Glove' skirt.

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