Monday, August 13, 2012

Vintage to Wear and Collect Now: 1960s Pierre Cardin

I adore Pierre Cardin. I am very excited to have a few new pieces of 1960s Pierre Cardin just in at RARE vintage and I especially adore 1960s Pierre Cardin.  Well, truth be told, I do also adore the super  structural, geometric 1980s/1990s Pierre Cardin pieces.

If the saying, "the Devil is in the details" was applied to fashion, it would read: Pierre Cardin is in the details.  The precise stitching

Detail of a Cardin dress from RARE vintage

The leather details

Detail of a leather and crepe ensemble from RARE vintage

The circles

Collection Met Museum

Collection Met Museum

Collection Met Museum

The metal

Collection Met Museum

Cardin studied architecture before becoming an apprentice to Christian Dior and then opening his own fashion house and in the 1960s introduced the famous and iconic "Space Age" look.  There are many photos of 1960s Cardin, where you almost feel you are a very well dressed Fembot on the set of Star Trek

Photo from Tumblr

but if you take away the helmets, the goggles, the futurist team-hands-on-our-hips-about-to-face-Klingons-but-don't-we-look-fabulous you are left with  beautifully tailored dresses and tiny little suits that even the Duchess of Windsor adored.

And Audrey Hepburn

Audrey Hepburn on the beach in Pierre Cardin.  Photo from Tumblr.

Or the perfect little dress

 L'Officiel 1970.  Photographed by Guegan.
Pierre Cardin at RARE vintage.  Available now.  A sweet lavender hued and tartan print dress from the mid 1960s:

A cream dress also from the mid 1960s

It's all about the seam, the seam, the seam

I love the architectural detail on the armhole


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  1. Nice post ;o)
    I often wonder whatever happened to fashion after Pierre Cardin...
    Instead of looking forward, it seems like most designers always tend to look back.



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