Tuesday, August 14, 2012

G is For G Spot and Gurley: Helen Gurley Brown

When I was what is now called a 'tween' I started reading Cosmopolitan.  And I was fascinated by all kinds of things a tween should not be fascinated with.  But somehow I felt my future as a fascinating and alluring creature, a femme fatale, irresistible to any man, was to found in the pages of Cosmo.

I won't tell you what kind of femme fatale I may have become from reading Cosmo or how the quest to find the legendary G Spot went - I am a married woman now after all - but Helen Gurley Brown made it all seem possible.  A great job, a great dinner and great sex.

Thank you HGB!!  I will miss seeing you on 57th Street.  You will be a Cosmo Girl Forever!

A few favorite Cosmo covers:

Look what a beauty Renee Russo was (and still is):

Christie Brinkley:

Naomi Sims looking beautiful:

Brooke Shields (my tween idol):

Christy Turlington: 

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