Thursday, September 13, 2012

Favorite New Vintage Find: Pierre Cardin Monkeys Around

When I was shown this 1960s Pierre Cardin dress trimmed in monkey fur

do you think I

a. Shrieked with joy
b. Gasped
c. Jumped up and down with joy
d. Cried and hugged the client because it was so amazing
e. Immediately thought, hmm... think I will keep this one
f. Or all of the above

Well, if you chose 'f' you would be mostly right.  Except I resisted the urge to keep it for myself and our     little black Cardin dress from the 1960s, trimmed in monkey fur, has already left our RARE vintage nest.  Sometimes a vintage store owner has to set her vintage free.  Sometimes : )

So extraordinary isn't it?!

Please note this piece has sold.

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