Friday, December 7, 2012

Very RARE vintage Christmas Gift Guide #3: Foxy Lady

17 days and counting until Christmas.  No need to panic - yet.  RARE vintage has your vintage gifting wrapped and ready to go.  21 days.  21 wonderful gifts...

Looking for something for the woman who has everything?  Someone who thinks she has seen it all?  Has it all?  

You know the type: she does not "need another black dress", she does not "need any more shoes", "another bag" (well, truthfully I really don't know too many women like this - and if there is one, and you hooked her up to a lie detector, Honey, she is going to fail that lie detector test so fast, it will make your head spin as you are rushing out the door to, yes, buy her another bag she is coveting.  So don't let her "thank you but I really don't need anything or want anything" fool you.)

So for the woman who thinks she has it all but really just wants one more eency weency thing...

a frivolités!  Something that will amaze her friends and just about everyone else.  

Krizia Fox Bag
A beyond fabulous Krizia green fox cross body bag.  Yes, that is right,  an actual purse.  

For the girl who has almost everything...

For more information or to purchase please call 212.581.7273 or email

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