Monday, July 8, 2013

Don't Break into a Sweat: Lafes Deodarant

Deodarant is a friend of vintage.  Vintage loves and thanks you for wearing a good deodorant that won't leave a nasty ring of perspiration on it, that won't leave a nasty shadow of white or that will not leave a nasty scent all of which will linger and fester in your closet turning your clothing into something less then desirable when it eventually becomes vintage.  

But most deodorants are a potential enemy to your body - they lull you into a false sense of comfort with their abilities to eradicate all signs of sweat and smell - but they do it with an ingredient that is potentially linked to Alzheimers and cancer - aluminum chloride - can anyone say au naturale fast enough?  

I have searched Whole Foods and the pharmacies of France and have never found the right product until now.  I tried crystallized mineral salt, Waleda, Dr Hauschka, tea tree oil... and then one day I bought Lafes at Pharmaca in the Pacific Palisades.  The packaging is not particularly glamorous looking but it would make Julia Roberts back in her under arm hair at the premiere of Notting Hill in 1999 days proud!  No nasties, no smell, no white shadows.  Your vintage and your body will thank you!

Lafes Deodarant available at Pharmaca here

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