Friday, October 11, 2013

The New Normal: Street Style Spring Fashion Month 2014

The new normal in the plethora of street style photographs was well, normal.  Normal in still stylish, still chic but this time the sisters were keeping it real.  Not begging for attention - which has had the unfortunate effect of making the more cartoonishly dressed look, well, cartoonish.  

My favorite look and one I am going to blatantly copy with my Spring 2013 Look 3 Celine pants - and hello!  the fabric was not so spring friendly so now it is actually time to wear them.

and speaking of Celine:

Normal does not necessarily mean you can't carry or wear something whimsical - but the effect is subtle:

The soft trench is a staple.  Seen on the recent bride and our client Malgosia Bela (this is another one of my favorite looks):

and another soft trench, a skiiny black jean and a great bootie:

and Gaia, O Gaia!

Always beautifully dressed.  A new Babe Paley? And talented too.  I only have one piece of Repossi jewelry but hope for more : )

Love this Gigli? or Gigli-inspired tiny twisted vest:

and Marie-Amelie Sauve always looks pretty perfect (and soon to be seen in Louis Vuitton don't you think):

and finally what is more normal then a graphic black and white coat with a chicken print paired with an Hermes Kelly and Valentino t-strap and spats as seen on the often adorable Miroslava Duma : )  Looks normal to me!

Photos by Tommy Ton

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