Thursday, December 12, 2013

John Galliano, Nijinsky and the Ballets Russes

All aboard the John Galliano Express... puffs of grey steam envelop us as we walk down the platform in our Art Deco best.  I am wearing a Paul Poiret coat with silk and leather appliqué by Maison Ardor circa 1922, as the train departs, time slips by...

Where am I?  I ask as I disembark in Paris... is it 1922?  Is it the winter of 1998?  Is it 1909 and Nijinsky, mad, passionate, beautiful, doomed is about to dance in Folkine's Le Pavillon d' Armide?  I am swept away... wrapped in inky black mink, the fox collar collar shimmers, the color of the moon reflected in the water at midnight, frames my face...

John Galliano Winter 1998 Mink and Fox Cocoon Coat.  Photo by RARE vintage.

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