Monday, January 20, 2014

Marit Guinness Aschan and Charles James #2

Leading up to Charles James: Beyond Fashion at the Metroploitan Museum of Art, I will be posting quotes about and from Charles James.  Our second quote is from Marit Guinness Aschan.

"And he thought my mother the most beautiful woman.  He wrote to her and said she was the most beautiful woman he ever knew except his own mother."  
Marit Guinness Aschan

Marit Guinness on her coming out:

"Oh it was lovely.  My mother was so sweet and my father too.  And I had dresses, the famous Charles James clothes, they were considered too eye catching, but my mother had the dresses, and I had them with my trousseau as well as my wedding dress.  And these clothes were very famous.

Well, the V & A bought one for permanent showing.  They were very tiny in the waist.  He (James) was a great friend of Cecil Beaton, then they fell out for awhile, but he is considered the greatest dress designer that's ever been, him and Balenciaga."
Marit Guinness Aschan

love, kisses and vintage, Juliana

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