Monday, March 17, 2014

L'Wren Scott 1967-2014

I was stunned by the very sad news that L'Wren Scott had killed herself this morning.  L'Wren Scott was not only Mick Jagger's, tall drink of water, girlfriend but a talented designer, a stylist and a model.  

Ellen Barkin made her comeback wearing L'Wren Scott's ultra feminine, slightly strict but knowingly naughty dresses in 2007's Ocean's Thirteen and Mick Jagger has been wearing le rock chic by L'Wren Scott for the Rolling Stones current On Fire tour.

I  thought this was a very poignant quote from

"I don't really measure success by anything other than if I'm happy.  That is success to me.  Am I happy waking up every morning?"

A look back at L'Wren Scott's beautiful Paris apartment which was featured in Vogue in 2012.

The low curves sofa is from the 1940s and was found in an antique shop on Rue de Lille.  "I found it in a store on the Rude de Lille.  I don't think it's by any particular name.  I buy gradually.  In Paris, you can either trawl the flea market - when you're young you have a lot more flea-market time on your hands - or once you've been here, you get to know there's this big U-shaped trail of antique places to look at along the Rue de Beaume, up the Rue de Lille and the Rue des Saints-Peres."

A custom Christophe Delcourt table and gray lacquered chairs in the dining room. "I took nine months choosing paint, seeing what looked good on bright days, wintry days, in summer, at night."

The master bath and 1920s Art Deco Lalique mirrored panels that she discovered "when I was housecleaning.  There were all these stage clothes and then crates.  I was like, What's in here?  Can I look?"  The glass bathroom had been bought whole at an auction in the 1970s and packed up and stored at Jagger's country house.

L'Wren's jewelry box in the bathroom:

'L'Wren Scott 1967-2014


  1. L'wren was all your post said, she might have had beautiful taste for elegance, jewelry and fine arts, but inside there was something missing. It's very telling when someone takes his/hers own life and the way it is commited has a story behind. Not all that shines is gold. RIP Laura!

  2. L'Wren was all you said in your blog, but beautiful houses, jewels and fine art don't always brings happiness. The way she ended her life suggests anger, desperation and solitude! " Not everything that shines is Gold". RIP Laura.



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