Thursday, April 10, 2014

Cecil Beaton, Millicent Rogers, The Maid and Charles James #3

"Charles James is a superb tailor in satin and has affinities with the French in his master craftsmanship and attention to detail.  He was naturally delighted that her (Millicent Rogers) orders should be so extensive, for it kept his business thriving.  But after having put so much time into the making of four dozen blouses (yes, you read that right: an order for four dozen Charles James blouses!) which he felt were destined for Manhattan Storage, he rebelled.  When Mrs. Rogers maid telephoned a further order, Charles James complained, "Why, Mrs. Rogers is nothing but a hoarder!"

The maid replied, "Not a hoarder, Mr James, a collector!" True to the maid's words, in 1949 Millicent Rogers presented tot he Brooklyn Museum a collection of clothes created for her by Charles James."
Cecil Beaton

Millicent Rogers in a Charles James bouse.  Photo by Louise Dahl Wolfe
love, kisses and classic Charles James, Juliana

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