Tuesday, April 8, 2014

I Was Re-Opening the Trunks of My Past: Romeo Gigli

"Callaghan was dripping with baroque embroidery, Afghan jewelry, echoes of Byzantine churches, Russian ballets and Paul Poiret.  For the first time, I was re-opening the trunks of my past, of everything I had hidden away in my deepest reaches, and which had pushed me into fashion." 
Romeo Gigli

Just in at RARE vintage: Arsenic and Black Fringe

I guess two of my least favorite things in fashion would have to be a sheath dress and a plain black bag.  I know they are staples of many women's wardrobe but I find them depressingly boring.  I want Drama, Romance, I want to time travel, I want to be a heroine in a book, I want to fall madly, deeply and passionately in love...  

"Gigli's women are sumptuously swathed and ethereally detached."
Amy Spindler

That describes me to a T: sumptuously swathed and ethereally detached : )

How beautiful is this arsenic green silk and fringed Romeo Gigli for Callaghan circa 1988 jacket?!  Don't you just want to be sumptuously swathed and elegantly detached too...

Late 1980s Romeo Gigli fringed jacket.  Available for purchase at RARE vintage.
info@rarevintage.com or 212.581.7273
please reference Gigli/Callaghan arsenic fringe jacket

love, baci and vintage Gigli, Juliana

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