Saturday, May 10, 2014

No Ladies, Just Gentlemen: The Met Gala Part 2

I think I mentioned that I was a little dubious about how the white dress code for this year's Met Gala would look on most men and was pleasantly surprised that it looked really elegant, chic and made the men look very handsome.  Some men opted for white jackets but that had the unfortunate effect of making them look like the waiters who were wearing white jackets.

Anna Wintour, on Late Night with Seth Myers, said that Benedict Cumberbatch was the only one who 'nailed' the white tie.  Bradley Cooper almost nailed it but wore mother of pearl cufflinks instead of onyx.

Personally, I think it was very refreshing that the men had to fret about their attire for the evening and go out and buy something that they are going to wear for just one night for a change : )

Here are some of the men who really stood out Monday night... enjoy!  

and a look back at one of my favorites, not from the Met Gala but of handsome men in white tie...

love, kisses and men at the Met Gala, Juliana

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