Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Carolyn Murphy in a 1960s Roberto Capucci Ball Gown from RARE vintage at the Met Gala!

I was very lucky to attend Monday night's Met Gala and it was a thrilling and enchanted evening of handsome men, dapper and elegant, in white tie and decorations and the women in silk ball gowns.  There seemed to have been a little confusion about the meaning of white tie - which is, a black tail coat, a waistcoat, a wing collared shirt and a white bow tie.  I was a little uncertain how it would look but when I walked up the red carpeted steps and shook hands with a very handsome Bradley Cooper in white tie, I knew he was beautiful - oops!  I mean, I knew it was going to be beautiful : )  

We had cocktails as usual in the Charles Engelhard Court which was a dream with ice blue silk velvet sofas, men in white tie (some but not all, naughty, naughty) and women in silk ball gowns and all of us swanning about long trains.  My train included : )

The beautiful Carolyn Murphy was inspired by the classically beautiful Hitchock ice-cool-blonde beauty Grace Kelly but made the look her own by wearing a midnight blue, rare and significant, 1960s Roberto Capucci ball gown my store, RARE vintage.  And she looked amazing!

Carolyn Murphy at the Met Gala in our RARE vintage 1960s Roberto Capucci ball gown.

We all knew it was The One the moment she tried it on and Capucci, an Italian designer, was as consumed with form and architecture as Charles James so it was a meaningful tribute to Mr. James.  

More to come tomorrow on the Met Gala!

love, kisses and Met Gala memories, Juliana

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