Friday, August 22, 2014

Books Fall 2014: Loulou de la Falaise

You can never be too rich or have too many books.

If I had a pillow embroidered with a motto (which I most certainly do not : ), it would say something like that.  I just added another bookshelf to our bedroom, at our beach house, and everyone said it was not going to be big enough... don't you just hate when people say "I told you so!" 

So I found a spot for another bookshelf in my dressing room, which means I can keep on buying books!

And it will be just in time because some ah-mazing books are coming out in the fall!  On my pre-order list is Loulou de la Falaise by Ariel de Ravenel and Natash Fraser-Cavassoni.  The afterword is by Loulou de la Falaise's husband, Thadee Klossowski, and the foreword is by Pierre Berge.

Betty Catroux remembering her friend Loulou, said that she saw life in pink.  I really like the idea of "life in pink".

BC also spoke about her creativity:

"All the women in her family were creative.  It was in her blood.  To create things was an absolute must for her.  She would take a piece of fabric, wrap it in a turban on her head, and pin it with a clip."

Loulou de la Falaise was, of course, great friends with Yves Saint Laurent, but she also went to work for him in 1972 designing the jewelry and hats and I hope the book will cover her jewelry designs too...

You can pre-order the book here.

love, kisses and life in the pink, Juliana

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