Friday, August 29, 2014

The Skin She Is In

Good God!  What is that stuff on Daria Werbowy's face in the Septemeber issue of Interview?!  What?!  What is that you said?  Her skin?  You mean, like her real, actual skin??  Not some pore-less, line-less, airbrushed, creepily idealized version of what a woman's skin should look like?  Not the kind of skin that certain women and actresses are trying to attain in everyday life??


I have not seen actual skin in a magazine for so long, I forgot what it looked like.

And Daria Werbowy (and her skin : ) looks beautiful.  Really beautiful.  This is what skin should look like on a beach, in real life and in a magazine.

Daria Werbowy in the September issue of Interview.  Photos by Mikael Jansson.

love, kisses and Daria Werbowy keeping it real, Juliana

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