Thursday, August 28, 2014

You Can't Always Get What You Want

I truly believe that the fashion system, as it exists now, will change and evolve.  It will change and evolve because I think people basically kind of like shopping all of the time.  One of the reasons why stores like Zara are such a big success is because you can satisfy your fashion cravings every couple of weeks with new pieces that come in.  The internet has made fashion shows literally instantly available to everyone but then you have to wait months for those pieces to finally make it into the stores and by then we have all seen them on the internet, on actresses, finally in the magazines and then the next seasons collections are about to be shown.  For better or for worse we are becoming a society of a more instant gratification.  

Like the Isabel Marant resort collection for 2015.  I could buy and wear these pieces right now.  But patience is a virtue... I suppose...

Happy to see that the Birkenstock story continues for resort 2015 - probably my husbands least favorite trend since MC Hammer pants, but I love them!

love, kisses and patience, Juliana

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