Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Yves Saint Laurent 1971, la Collection du 'Scandale' at Fondation Pierre Bergé

The Fondation Pierre Bergé has announced that their next exhibit will be, Yves Saint Laurent 1971, la collection du scandale opening March 19th and running through July 19th.  Of course now it is hard to understand why the spring/summer haute couture collection titled, Liberation (The Forties),  would cause such a big scandale but at the time it certainly caused a ruckus.  The Guardian called it the "tour de force of bad taste" and hardly anyone ordered pieces other then Bianca Jagger and Nan Kempner.

When I was looking through the photos on French Vogue, I saw a woman at the show looking terribly chic.  I have no idea who she is (but would love to know).

Do you see her there to the right of the model?  Her hair pulled back in a neat chignon, a scarf tied around her neck, looks like some gold jewelry, a cigarette and knee high boots.  So reminiscent of the seventies revival at Saint Laurent now, spring/summer Gucci and the Louis Vuitton pre-fall collection.  Will have to dig through my seventies YSL for a similar look minus the cigarette : )

xo, Juliana

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