Saturday, February 7, 2015

Spring Haute Couture 2015: Day Three

The couture continues...

Elie Saab

Truthfully, I have never been much of an Elie Saab fan.  When I think of his dresses, I think of Halle Berry and I have never been crazy for her red carpet looks - kind of bombshell but kind of boring.  But there were two feathery looks that I thought were very pretty and would love to see hanging in my closet...

I love this because it is evening gown meets Joan Collins feather trimmed peignoir in a pale nudish gold:

and this dress has a very Claudia Cardinale 60s vibe - love with the flat sandal:

Jean Paul Gaultier

It was all classic Gaultier, nothing groundbreakingly new but well done and I loved that there was a variety of models on the runway because people, women of all sizes and ages love fashion!

This was probably my favorite look. Very finely pleated, lightly exposed corseting underneath and then exposed boning of a very beautiful crinoline ending in fringe:


What can I say?  Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pierpaolo Piccioli have been knocking it out of the park every collection they have shown for Valentino.  They are not just good, they are great.  My favorite looks:

Oh, to be a peasant (a rich one)

Oh, to be a wench with golden wings on your feet

Oh, to be in clouds of couture

Oh, what Sargent would paint Madame X in today

xo, Juliana

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