Saturday, January 16, 2010

Soft and Floaty: Part Two

Another great soft and floaty dress.  This time it is 1970s Adele Simpson in brown with flecks of metallic gold.  I personally love a longer dress - it is a great length for boots so you can wear it now or in Spring with flat sandals. 

We added our own gilt belt but you could choose a wide leather Alaia or a chain link belt.

I also think - which I normally would almost never recommend - that this dress could have a pair of scissors taken to it and cut short or even super short. 

Mon Dieu!  I can't believe I said that because we NEVER touch pieces at RARE vintage but while we do like our haute couture, we are not haughty at RARE.  Sometimes a vintage piece that we love best is the one without a label or by some forgotten designer.  Sometimes it is the fabric and the little details like the micro gathered neckline on this dress that makes us fall in love.  It is good to mix things up.  Don't worry, be happy and have fun with your vintage!

1970s Adele Simpson Boho Dress.   Size 6.  $495

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