Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Oh It's Magic: Kazuko

Oh, oh, oh it's magic, you know
Never believe it's not so
It's magic, you know
Never Believe, it's not so
-Magic by Pilot 1974

(and redone fabulously by Selena Gomez or so my daughter says - alright!  Truth be told, I have heard Selena Gomez's version and I actually like it better then the original. ) 

In my first post on the jeweler Kazuko I referred to the magic of her pieces.  And in speaking about Kazuko recently with two people who knew her very well, the word 'magic' came up again and again.  What was it that was so magical about her jewelry?  Was it that each piece was unique? That she had so much of herself invested in each piece that she created?

Here is an excerpt from a tribute that Simon Doonan from Barneys wrote for the New York Observer after she passed away:

'One steamy afternoon I was accosted on the sidewalk outside the Barney windows on Seventh Avenue.  The accoster was on this occasion a little fairy shrouded in black Yohji silks.  She told me her name was Kazuko Oshima, but everyone called her Kazuko.  She was a one-namer.

Kazuko said she liked the display, but felt it needed a veil.  From her purse, as if by magic, (there is that word again!!), she pulled out a massive chunk of silk tulle, the edges of which she had painstakingly stitched with rock crystals.  She waited outside the windows while I shooshed her creation over the head of the mannequin.  Voila!  We both agreed it was sugoi ("wow").'

After I was shown this substantial necklace, which was made especially for the original owner and was never available at Barneys, with its contrast of rough and smooth, all I could say was, oh, oh it's magic!

Kazuko gold wire wrapped crystal necklace and semi precious stones necklace.  

Why don't you wear it with... a flowing Madame Gres ensmeble a la Rosamond Bernier?

1970s Madame Gres at RARE vintage

Rosamond Bernier in Madame Gres and an oversized necklace in 1968:


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