Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Kawaii! Tiny Judith Leiber Bags

Kawaii!! is the word for cute in Japan.  So, when I saw these two teeny weeny Judith Leiber black lizard bags, I said, "Kon Ni chi Wa, Kawaii!" 

Of course, they are not Hello Kitty cute but they are elegant cute.  Sort of sweet.  Like a tiny little puppy that makes you go, awww...

Gorgeous in shiny black lizard.  Our first bag has gold hardware and a gold and lizard handle.  There are three interior pockets, a wittle, oops, I mean little mirror and a little lizard coin purse.  You can keep a little lipstick, a little phone and a little money, what more could you want?!

Judith Leiber black lizard bag with gold hardware

Our second little Leiber is also black lizard but this one has two little finely beaded handles.  

Also has three interior pockets: it may be little but you can be mighty organized in that interior!

Judith Leiber black lizard bag with beaded handles.

Super Kawaii no?!


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