Wednesday, July 24, 2013

A Story of Loss and Longing: The Halston Caftan

This is a story of loss and longing.  Get the tissue box ready...

Yesterday a very beautiful bride to be came into RARE vintage looking for a wedding dress and asked if we had anything hippie chic.  I got as far as, "well, we have..." when the telephone rang.  

"I have three Zandra Rhodes caftans and I am nearby your store." said the caller.

"Come over as fast as you can!" I said.

Our client was trying on a flowing lime colored Yves Saint Laurent rive gauche caftan gown when the Zandra Rhodes pieces came in.  And as we all oooed and awed over the pieces, one in particular caught our bride to be eyes and was whisked off the hanger and slipped on and then we all ooed and awed much more and much louder.  Well, it turned out not to be Zandra Rhodes but a 1970s silk hand tie-dyed Halston caftan in the most amazing shades of moss green and pale champagne.  And off it has gone to a wedding in Positano.

I never had a chance to photograph it or have a lingering look which I really like to have before a piece goes off to its new home.  Or consider, do I even want to sell this??  Which is usually question number one at RARE vintage.  Anyone fancy a cry with me?!

The saddest sight in the world... a RARE vintage hanger without a Halston tie-dye caftan...

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