Thursday, July 25, 2013

Kazuko: The Meaning of Beauty

If you are a long time reader of our RARE vintage blog, you will know that in addition to our wonderful collection of Tina Chow jewelry, we have also had really wonderful pieces by the jeweler and artist Kazuko.

I was thrilled to acquire this collection for RARE vintage which I think is particularly outstanding and especially beautiful.   I am very excited to see a ring that the owner of this collector has - alas she is not parting with it : ( but of course I don't blame her : )

What I love about Tina Chow and Kazuko is that their pieces were not only beautiful to look at and to wear but they were meaningful beauty.  They were meant to be talisman to the people who bought them and there is not one person whom I have bought the pieces from or sold them to who has not appreciated this magical quality about them...


Kazuko available at RARE vintage

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