Friday, July 12, 2013

SEE: La Mécanique des Dessous

I recently acquired a collection of Galanos for RARE vintage from a lovely and interesting woman and amidst the pieces that she had saved were garter stays.  Garter stays have gone the way of gloves and button jars but thanks to a new exhibit at the Musée des Art Décoratifs in Paris, you will have a chance to see what use to lie underneath and more recently began to be underneath no more...

Double pocket panier, 1775-1780

Which would have given shape to this dress:

Robe de court, 1760

and you thought wicker was just for chairs:

Woven rattan bustle, 1880

and would have given shape to a dress like this:

Wedding trousseau ensemble, 1881

From this in 1887:

A strapontin bustle, 1887

to this in 2008:

The bride, Jean Paul Gaultier Fall/Winter 2008

and in case you suffered from chicken legs:

Calf pads, 1850-1890

and speaking of padding, this is a dress I would LOVE to find for RARE vintage so if anyone out there has one they would like to part with, please phone 212.581.7273 or email!

Commes des Garcons Bump dress Spring/Summer 1997

from this in 1954:

Corselette, 1954
to this in 2007:

Dolce and Gabbana Spring/Summer 2007

The show gives new meaning to just 'picture them in their underwear'!  Hope you can make it to Paris!

La Mécanique des Dessous at the Musé des Arts Decoratifs in Paris until November 24.
Photos from French Vogue

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