Sunday, February 16, 2014

Real Girl, Real Vintage in Chanel

I Love White.  I Hate White.  White.  Oh no, there is a little splash of my lunch on my white.  Ick, how did my white turn this color after I washed it?  Where did this yellow come from?  

I have had less a love affair with white and more of a torrid relationship.  I say yes when I mean no and I say no when I mean yes to white.  But there white was all over the fall 2014 runways in NY, taunting me and I find myself torn between a dream of a crisp white wardrobe and the more dingy reality.  

So when I acquired a pair of Chanel resin cuffs for RARE vintage, one in white with black CCs and one in black with white CCs, I thought this is a wearable white, a forever white.  Well, they did not stay long at RARE vintage (and no, not they did not find their way into my closet : ) although I seriously thought about it...

I loved seeing a similar cuff on this lovely girl during NYFW with red  nails, red lips and, gulp, a whole lot of white...  Real girl, real vintage in Chanel cuffs:

and at RARE vintage...

Chanel black and white resin cuffs with CC logo.  SOLD.

love, kisses and vintage, Juliana

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